Search Engine Optimization and Online Journalism: the SEO-WCP Framework

The SEO WCP framework and journalism diagram

The dissemination of news stories today takes place via various platforms, among which news media websites are just one. In other words, the audience for journalistic content, that is, those people who wish to be informed about the world around them, access news stories via the results pages of search engines as well as via social networks, and not solely via the websites of the news media.

This means the news media today have to implement an effective search engine optimization (SEO) policy to ensure their success, otherwise, these platforms (the results page and social networks) will not provide the percentage of visibility and visits that these online news sites should be obtaining.

This document presents a framework for optimizing journalistic content, both from the perspective of web optimization or SEO and from the perspective of visibility on social networks. The framework can be characterized as being:

  • A methodology for training and for the acquisition of skills in the field of SEO and Communication.
  • A proposal for independent work, but one that is at the same time adaptable and compatible with the style books of different news media.
  • A proposal for new media that need to adopt a methodology to begin their professional activities.
  • A proposal for comparing standards and procedures that any researcher or firm can adopt as part of their comparative analyses and benchmarking studies to improve procedures.

The structure of the SEO WCP Framework 





To establish the objectives of the framework and its overall scope, based on the methodology adopted, as well as to outline the principal sources drawn upon.



To acknowledge a clear preference for the primacy of journalistic criteria over those of SEO in cases of incompatibility. To identify the different stages in the procedure. To provide a justification for the name given to the framework. To establishing a taxonomy of the differences between SEO and Journalism.



To support and aid interpretation of the procedure with proposals for definitions of OnPage factors, including keywords and related concepts.



The most characteristic features of the framework, namely, the recommended procedures and criteria.

This is an abstract, for the full Report: