2nd International Conference on Academic Communication Journals. Barcelona: UPF, February 17th 2017

ACJ 2017
ACJ 2017

The main objective of the lnternational Conferences on Academic Communication Journals (ACJ 2017) is to explore and debate one of the basic activities of researchers and scholars in Communication Studies: publishing in scientific journals.

After the research activity, scientific journals represent the necessary step to make research visible and valuable. Also, academic journal publishing has become an essential element of the academic career and funding opportunities.

According to this reality, this conference brings together the research community, publishers, editors and academic institutions offering an opportunity to discuss and understand the role and importance of Academic Journal publishing in the Communication field.

The conference is organised by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra every two years with the specific goals specified hereafter.


  1. Analyze and reflect upon the current changes in the way communication research is published and disseminated.

  2. Considerer the augmented influence of social academic networks in the collaborative work of researchers and academics.
  3. Discuss good practices in the paper diffusion process and to consider innovative digital publication models.

  4. Analyze the effects caused by scientific journals upon research in Communication, e.g., tapies and methodologies selection, PhD dissertation models, or nature and approach of funded projects.
  5. Identify problems and promote solutions to the strategies for the national or regional Communication journals.


  • Emilio Delgado López-Cózar 
    University of Granada (Spain)
  • Ismael Ràfols
    Universidad Politècnica de Valencia – University of Sussex
  • Steve Smith
    Kudos, Institutional Sales Manager
  • Karen Boyle
    Research Excellence Framework (REF), Joint Output Assesor
  • Alastair Phillips (Editor)
  • Friedrich Krotz (Editor)
    The European Journal of Communication Research
  • Lee Edwards (Editor)
    Journal of communication
  • Carlos Barrera (Editor)
    Communication & Society
  • Jordi Ardanuy (Editor)
  • Javier Marzal (Editor)
  • Rafael Repiso (Editor)
  • Elisa Hernández Pérez (Editor)
  • Cristòfol Rovira (Co-editor)
  • Cilia Willem (Editor)
    Catalan Journal of Cultural Studies

 ACJ 2017 Practical Information

  • WHEN Friday February 17th HOURS 8:30 to 17:30
  • WHERE Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Edificio Roc Boronat (campus de la Comunicación-Poblenou) Roc Boronat, 138. 08018 Barcelona

  • MORNING SESSION: Auditorio
  • AFTERNOON SESSIONS: International Journals session 55.309 (In English) & National Journals session 55.410 (In Spanish)
  • LANGUAGE English, Catalan or Spanish depending of the language of the speaker

  • ASSISTANCE Free, but It is necessary the previous registration: registration page 

  • WEB SITE: http://bit.ly/ACJ2017