How to improve the relevance of the news media: reputation, visibility and audience loyalty

The sustainability of the news media is a priority for democratic societies; yet, in the hypercompetitive digital world, they are losing relevance and face the forbidding challenge of public disengagement as trust in the news wanes. Boosting media relevance and engagement are critical in this quest for sustainability. Still, there are clear opportunities to enhance their specification. We seek to illustrate how they can be operationalised by fostering three of the industry’s key dimensions: reputation, visibility and audience loyalty.

Integrated research model for web interfaces: toward a taxonomy of quantitative and qualitative analysis for digital native media [open access journal article]

This study, which adopts a quantitative–qualitative methodological design, proposes, describes, and applies a taxonomy for the analysis of digital media web interfaces. Based on a review of the literature, two rounds of expert judgment, and a pilot test, the research identifies 14 thematic dimensions, 36 indicators, and 69 variables.

Use of Scopus and WoS in literature reviews for doctoral theses [2022 presentation]

Fundamentals of the use of literature reviews in doctoral theses. Use of the Scopus and Web of Science databases for literature reviews and scoping reviews. Use with Mendeley. Advanced search functions. Boolean operators. Parametric search. Use of the results page. Using the record for information discovery functions.